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Homestead art amazes judges

Homestead art amazes judges

Beautiful interiors in beautiful Matobo rural homes
Beautiful interiors in beautiful Matobo rural homes


I am so pleased that I attended the prize giving.  I soon realised that the recognition of this cultural tradition is making a huge impact in the Matopos community.  The number of prizes that Veronique Zouero managed to rustle up was staggering and I commend all the sponsors for their huge generosity. The prizes varied from plastic containers, pots and pans, food, wheelbarrows, water tanks, a plough and a bicycle. They were all so practical and obviously hugely appreciated by all who won.  What struck me most was how, for every single prize given out, a group of people came to receive it - friends and family rejoicing with the winner, and all dressed in their ‘Sunday best’.  It was very special.  Thanks to our generous Bulawayo community it was possible for many more prizes to be awarded to very deserving artists.

Rather than take up valuable page space with more information on this, I urge Zambezi Traveller readers to go My Beautiful Hut Face Book page and read about this amazing project.  The committed group of people who put this together have brought something very special to our attention. Well done and thank you.

This year My Beautiful Home official photographer, Dr Andre F van Rooyen, gave two special prizes of his own, designed to motivate and encourage artistry among the contestants.

The two "Photographer's Choice Awards",  sets of high quality sketch pads and pastels, went to Sikhanyiso Ngwenya and Thokozile Dube,

In awarding the prizes to the two women, Andre said: "I would love to see more of their work and I cannot wait for the many seasons it will take to make up a large collection of their images! Therefore I offer these gifts to eternalise their beautiful work on these many pages so we can hang them out for the whole world to see what they are capable of!

While their work is unique and worthy of their houses, it pains me to see the pigments washed down the walls... lost to the soil which spawned them in the first place. I am greedy for the rest of the world to see it too... much, much more than the seasonal cycle of paint and rain will allow us.”