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Fresh challenges in Malawi

Fresh challenges in Malawi

Having fun on the beaches of Lake Malawi
Having fun on the beaches of Lake Malawi



Nansen & Livingstone Tents, Quest 2015 



Quest Intake I, 2015: We have just returned from two weeks of hard work and play on the shores, and in the depths, of Lake Malawi.

During our first week we were based in the happy town of Senga Bay with the most incredible view of the vast Lake Malawi. Here we were introduced to ‘Sam’ and the Semani family who help the Senga Bay community with their renovation projects which we would also be involved in.

Throughout the week people were given different jobs according to their strengths; Mike Mandy on the chassis (obviously), Nick Williamson and Ciaran Gray on the painting, Tim Rath on the plastering, and so on!
 The week exposed us all to new situations and showed us how, even though these people have so little, they are still so happy and proud of the way they live.

On the Friday before we departed, the Quest Football Club took part in a soccer match which resulted in a humiliating loss: 6-1 to the local Senga Soldiers (which consisted mainly of 10 year olds).  

This week brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people’s faces. Whether it was Luke Baber swinging six little children around in his arms, or playing volleyball and rugby in the surf, or renovating Hampton Primary School which will enable hundreds of schoolchildren to thrive and learn with better facilities, we all came away with great memories.

Week 2 took us to the sultry stillness of Cape Maclear where we did our PADI Open Water Diving course. Cape Maclear provided a surreal backdrop for such an enjoyable week on the beach, the calm, blue waters accompanied by endless sunsets.

The Scuba diving itself was an experience many of us will cherish and continue to use in the years that lie ahead. The qualification allows us to dive to depths of up to 18m anywhere in the world with another qualified diver – a buddy. This experience was new to many of us, and to some, daunting; with four dives up to the maximum depth of 18m. The descent into the deep blue unveiled a new world for many; Nature’s aquarium seemed to envelop and swallow the timid new divers with utmost ease.

Although this week was one of the more laid-back of the Quest calendar, challenges were still encountered. Personal barriers (big and small) which were, and continued to seem impassable, were continuously overcome. We continue to challenge ourselves, as we strive to better ourselves.