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Week Two – survivors’ report, Quest-Africa, Zimbabwe

Week Two – survivors’ report, Quest-Africa, Zimbabwe

 ‘BFG’ Brad on the Quest Fitness Test
‘BFG’ Brad on the Quest Fitness Test



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Week 2 / Intake 2, 2015

Two weeks down and only now do we comprehend how quickly it has gone. Coming out of ‘Survival Week’ as more of a unit, we went back to school with a week of preparations for our Pacmed First Aid exam. Luckily for Mr M we knew what we were doing, seeing as we found him floating in the dam on Thursday! (Role-play by the way!)

Quest so far has been fun, but tough. Particularly the waking up early for PT, 100 Club and running when we arrived late for a lesson. Pretty much everyone has had bike issues, but none more tragic than Mike’s bike bad luck... from bursting a front tyre, to the gears not working, to the brake pads wearing out, only to be given a rental bike which operated on three gears! But as Basil would say, “It’s not about the bike, it’s all about the rider!” So, on he rode! Fellow Shackleton member, Rob, has also been fairly unlucky with his bike, which has been a bonus for Mike as he now has company walking to the gym.

A bit of news from Shackleton tent: What initially seemed to be an odd grouping of boys: one from Durban, one from Jo’burg and one from Cape Town, (two with facial hair), seems to have worked out quite well. We are three very different people who are already bringing out the best in each other. Mike was nicknamed ‘Mom’, which thankfully seems to be going away. This came about quite early from nagging the boys to sort out their lives. Rob is the noise factory of our tent, which is actually great, and Brad generally just acts as the ‘patriarch’, but we all know he’s just a soft ‘BFG’. All in all, Shackleton and Quest seem to be happy places.

Fact file :

PT: General early morning physical training

QFT: Quest Fitness Test

100 Club: An exercise challenge with the goal of 100 press-ups and 100 sits-up in succession before finishing Quest

Survival week: A trip into the wilderness where participants learn to be completely self-sufficient, and their navigation skills are fine tuned

Shackelton: Each tent is named after an explorer

Intakes: There are two core intakes (7 month programmes) per year

Quest started: 2015 is its sixth year of operation