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 Maximising the potential of its people is the greatest challenge any company faces in human resources.  Providing a development and incentive experience that employees will never forget in the environment of the stunning Victoria Falls, Bushtracks have introduced a range of unique team building events. Developing strategic decision-making skills is the objective of an expedition to Livingstone Island, while the less adventurous can be challenged with an equally testing treasure... Read On
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As a Kalahari sandveld forester,for me the ideal forest environment would be closed- canopy teak forest, but with over a century of logging, it is difficult to find undisturbed teak forest. Perhaps in the southeastern area of Angola in the Luiana Protected Area someone will yet find teak forests that have never been logged. We have become accustomed to thinking of forests as open parkland woodlands, such as is typical of the southern bank of the Zambezi River at Mana Pools. So it was with... Read On
As I rounded the last few bends of the scenic undulating Makuti Hill range, the Zambezi valley floor opened to a blue horizon - the magical expanse of water that is Kariba. This lake forms a natural moat surrounding my destination – Spurwing Island - a slice of paradise secreted away from the busy outside world. After a short boat crossing, a mirage-like cluster of green backed by blue hills was my first sighting of the island. Our boat entered the secluded harbour and the blurry green... Read On
When Elisabeth Pasalk was left some land by her mother, she was told that it was in an area called Dete. This did not mean much to her, and it took her a while to find where the place was. Elisabeth was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but enjoyed a busy career as a speaker for scientific career training programmes.  Before she passed away, her mother asked Elisabeth “to take care of the land and the elephants.” It took her and husband Danny some research to understand the legacy and then... Read On
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The second phase of the extensive refurbishment of Chobe Marina Lodge,under the supervision of general manager Bernard Magano,has been successfully completed.  As well as new furniture and fittings added throughout, the lodge has added six new rooms to the existing 60. Bathrooms have been modernised to provide guests with a spacious shower and bath. Outside decks have been revitalisedso that Chobe Marina’s spectacular river frontage can be enjoyed in comfort, while new pathways... Read On
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There is an island in Africa where man still moves to the rhythm of the seasons. Defined by the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers, and isolated in completion by the Kasai Channel that connects the two rivers, Impalila Island may well be one of the most geo-politically isolated places on earth.  Once part of a great African kingdom, the island today is isolated from the outside world due to colonial miscalculations. But Impalila Island is a place where man and the wilderness still exist in... Read On
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Almost 100 years ago, a soldier returned from the mud of France with a Military Cross packed away in his luggage, gazed across the granite valley in the middleveld where the Mtilikwe, Mshagashe and Popoteke rivers met and thought what an ideal site this would make for a great dam to irrigate the vast, empty lowveld of the country. Murray MacDougall went on to pioneer the transformation of that wilderness into what was to become the thriving sugar estates of Triangle and Hippo Valley, but... Read On
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Victoria Falls has accommodation options to suit many pockets, but our favourite place to stay when we are at the Falls is in one of the National Parks lodges. These occupy a prime site on the southern banks of the Zambezi, and each lodge has a grassy strip stretching to the river, lined on each side by thick indigenous bush and overhung by magnificent trees. Their charms are private access to the river and visits by various animals which traverse the cleared area. Nocturnal visits... Read On
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The Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) held its inaugural Winter School at a wintry destination, Troutbeck Lodges in the Eastern Highlands, in July, under the theme ‘Contemporary approaches for hotel general managers to create wealth’. The president of HAZ, Tamuka Macheka, advised that the programme was designed to provide participants with answers on how to meet current challenges and also the tools and ideas to help them achieve business and personal goals. Case studies from... Read On
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The Zimbabwe government recently launched a National Tourism Policy at the Celebration Centre in Harare, seeking to increase tourist arrivals from 2.5 million to 3.2 million by 2015 with receipts increasing from US$749 million to US$1.8 billion. It is projected that tourism’s contribution to Gross Domestic Product will rise from 10% to 15%. The main aim of the policy is to develop a tourism sector that meets the requirements and expectations of the market, while contributing to the social... Read On
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The Hospitality and Tourism Association of Botswana exists to promote, encourage and police excellence in hospitality and tourism in Botswana.Hospitality and Tourism Association of Botswana hosted its 32nd Annual Conference since its inception in 1982 in Kasane in April.The event started off with a golf tournament at the CrestaMowana Golf Course, which attracted teams from both private and public organisations. Deals are often sealed on the golf course; the event proved a perfect platform for... Read On
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BY MARIAN MYERS Wilderness Safaris believes that if we conserve the wild areas in which we are privileged to operate, we will have a valuable heritage to leave for future generations. Our collaborative work continues to grow in Zimbabwe with research and conservation groups such as CNRS Hwange, Hwange Lion Project, the Cheetah Conservation Project of Zimbabwe, the research department of Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority (ZimParks), BirdLife Zimbabwe and the National University of... Read On
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