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BirdLife Zimbabwe website relaunched

BirdLife Zimbabwe website relaunched

The African pitta
The African pitta


BirdLife Zimbabwe launched its new website this year featuring a section called ‘Birding Zimbabwe’ directed at anyone wanting to know where to go to see which birds and where to stay when they are there.

BirdLife Zimbabwe is a full partner of BirdLife International, a global partnership of 120 organisations supporting bird conservation. BLZ promotes programmes which focus on the sustainable use of the environment, thus ensuring the survival of bird species in Zimbabwe and elsewhere, for both their intrinsic value and for the enjoyment of future generations. Why birds? Birds are one of the most visible indicators of the health of the environment, because they are sensitive to habitat change. Changes in bird populations are often the first indication of environmental problems.

BLZ is also involved in promoting ecotourism in Zimbabwe by training bird guides, as well as helping to draw up check lists and interpretive material for areas which attract birdwatchers and nature-lovers.

The new website has updated conservation project pages listing all the projects currently worked on. Bird outings are also listed on the calendar on the website as well as special species surveys and projects that all bird enthusiasts can join as ‘citizen scientists’. But the main feature of the new website is the Birding Zimbabwe section. Pages have been created describing the many birding hotspots around Zimbabwe with bird lists and links to the various accommodation options. If you need a guide to help you tick that particular bird off your life list, specialised guides have also been included.

BirdLife has gone to great lengths to provide a comprehensive array of information for the birder wanting to know about birding in Zimbabwe, and will welcome feedback to improve the service.

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