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Steak and Lake crayfish recipe competition

Steak and Lake crayfish recipe competition

Steak and Lake crayfish recipe competition

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Scientists in Zimbabwe say a fresh water crayfish brought from Australia is breeding out of control in the northern Lake Kariba, devouring the food sources of other fish, and putting the nation's entire aquatic ecosystem at risk. Officials at the Zimbabwe University lakeshore research station say the red claw crayfish, introduced a decade ago for a fish farming project, has no natural predators in the wild — crocodiles don't like them — and they produce clusters of eggs up to half the size of a tennis ball that hatch prolifically. The red claw crayfish, scientifically Cherax quadricarinatus and known colloquially in Australia as the 'yabby', is robust and hardy and cannot be poisoned without killing other natural species.

As a conservation drive, Musango Safari Camp is launching a drive to eradicate the invasive species... with a tasty recipe competition!


Enter the competition - create your recipe for the invasive kariba crayfish. Submit your recipes with a catchy name and photo.

Submit your entries by email to: mururutheartofhospitalty@gmail.com

Entries to be submitted by: 30th April 2013

Mururu judges decision is final and discussion may not be entered into. Winning entry to be included in the Musango Safari Camp cook book.

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Crayfish Recipe:
Recipe: Braaied Red Claw

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