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Footsteps for the future

Footsteps for the future

A dedicated group of walkers have taken huge strides for education in Zambia
A dedicated group of walkers have taken huge strides for education in Zambia
Gill Staden




Byline:  HESTHER EDE, Chair, The School Club Zambia  

The School Club Zambia team completed an epic journey through the Zambian bush in August, on foot from Lake Kariba all the way to Livingstone. The route was over 250km and took 12 days, with an average daily distance of 20km covered, across a variety of harsh terrains.

The walkers camped in tents each night and were accompanied by a small support team, one vehicle and a few donkeys. The objective was to raise funds for a new school enterprise at Chisyabulungu Community School in Sinazongwe District, southern Zambia. A new carpentry workshop will generate income for the school and provide vocational education opportunities for vulnerable children, many of whom are orphans and living below the poverty line.

The team visited a number of community schools along the route and was able to identify new schools that would benefit from joining The School Club Zambia network.

The walk succeeded in creating awareness of community schools, both within Zambia and overseas, evident from the increased support that SCZ has seen since. There was also good press coverage in Zambia and the UK.

The amount raised was in excess of $23,000 - double the target. As well as fully funding the carpentry workshop, SCZ will now also be able to support additional projects in the near future

The School Club Zambia envisions a nation where every child has access to vocational and creative education, and where education leads to job security and life opportunities.