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Unlocking the potential of youth

Unlocking the potential of youth

Unlocking the potential of youth

Zambian theatre company Barefeet has launched No Shoes Day to raise funds to travel to Europe to represent Zambia and Africa at the prestigious international Brouhaha theatre festival,this year themed ‘Youth in the world- unlocking the potential of the cultural and creative industries’.

The ultimate goal of Barefeet is to use the arts as a tool to assist in taking children off the streets, giving them new opportunities to express and develop themselves.

The 2014 Brouhaha festival is being held in Liverpool which has inspired the sounds of global bands like the Beatles. Barefeet will take this opportunity to introduce to the people of Liverpool the sounds of African drums inspired by Zambian folklore, which typically leaves viewers mesmerised.

After Liverpool the group intends to travel to the USA and Ireland to perform at different festivals and events to raise awareness of Barefeet and Zambia. Through initiatives like ‘Youth in the world’, Barefeet will encourage those who have benefited from the programme as well as inspire those still living on the streets.

The young people travelling this year have an opportunity to fulfil their dreams on an international world stage and experience an adventure they never thought possible.

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