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Conservation education pays dividend

Conservation education pays dividend

Suzyo Zimba on the bridge ove the Victoria Falls
Suzyo Zimba on the bridge ove the Victoria Falls

Wildlife Camp was established in 1992 by Herman Miles, on the property of the Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia’s prime 400 hectare riverfront property bordering the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

Since then the camp has blossomed into one of the area’s top facilities, offering rustic and affordable accommodation and full board packages. Today Wildlife Camp is able to pay more than $50,000 per annum towards WECSZ.

WECSZ uses the proceeds from Wildlife Camp to run various conservation projects in Zambia. One successful project has been the Chongololo Club (chongololo means millipede in the local vernacular) which educates school children in wildlife and environmental conservation.

Wildlife Camp has recently seen its indirect investment in the Chongololo Club pay handsome dividends when it employed Suzyo Zimba as a full-time guide. Zimba is currently the youngest practicing guide in the Luangwa Valley, having passed his Level 2 LSA exams in 2010.

The 24 year-old was part of the Chongololo Club from Grade 3 to Grade 12 and is still very passionate about his Club days while attending Hillside Basic School in Chipata. He tells how WECSZ showed them videos every Wednesday on animals and conservation.

Zimba’s school took part in the annual tree-planting competition organized and sponsored by WECSZ, and in 1999 it won the contest and a trip to Wildlife Camp. Zimba saw in real life what he had seen on video in the WECSZ office in Chipata. He was hooked, and decided that guiding, and the conservation that goes with the profession, would be the job for him.

Today Zimba has a bright future ahead of him. He plans to pass his Level 1 exams next year, which will allow him to conduct walking safaris, and from there the sky is the limit for this Chongololo Club graduate.

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