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Zambia’s best kept secret

Zambia’s best kept secret

Zambia’s best kept secret

Shhhh….. the Secret Season is upon us. A magical time of year in the South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks which few people know about. Imagine a park packed full of zebra, lion, wild dog, buffalo and elephant. Imagine herbivores tending their young and migrant and resident birds in full breeding plumage and in full song. And imagine the feeling of having this all to yourself.


Contrary to popular belief, the wildlife doesn’t vanish… just the Homo sapiens. With only a handful of camps open, guests are few and far between, so you can relax while a leopard lazes in a tree, the lion meander along the river bank, the wild dog chase impala in the green grass and the baby elephant play-fight in the rivers.


Walking safaris and game drives take place as normal and guests are in for a special treat at this time of year in the South Luangwa. The Luangwa River becomes a central feature; boating safaris are able to take you into the heart of the park. You explore new and untouched territories inaccessible by vehicles and walking safaris, float through the ebony groves and glide up the river channels. 


Nothing beats watching animals at eye-level as they congregate along the banks of the river, except maybe the sundowner as you drift along past one of the biggest yellow-billed stork colonies, with the sounds of the hippo laughing and frogs chiming.


So where is the catch? That’s the magic; there isn’t one. Yes, there is some rain, and thunderstorms, but this is a photographer’s dream: sensational lighting and dramatic scenery. As quickly as the impressive cloud formations appear, the blue skies take over – leaving the air clear and the bush at its most lush and verdant. Game viewing activities may occasionally be delayed or interrupted (what better excuse for another G&T) but they are rarely cancelled. 



Norman Carr Safaris operates three camps during this time – Chinzombo, Kakuli Bush Camp and Kapani, and Chongwe Safaris operates Kasaka River Lodge. And the best part of it all? It’s the best value time of year to be venturing on safari.