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Planning your Safari

Planning your Safari

Planning your Safari

VICKY AUSTIN - Norman Carr Safaris

So, you’ve already made the brilliant decision to go on safari – and what a time you will have. But what about the finer details? Have you thought about how to make the most of your holiday in the wild?

Do you want to get ‘up close and personal’ and enjoy the thrill of the chase as you track that lion or find that elephant on a walking safari? Or perhaps you want to give those feet a rest and enjoy a massage whilst overlooking the river with hippos slowly floating past? Or maybe you’re keen on covering more ground in a comfortable, open 4x4 Land Rover? Whichever of these you choose, the Zambian G&T ‘sundowner’ will be tastier than you could ever imagine.

And what about nights, after the adventure of the day is over? Do you prefer the finer things: the cool breeze of your eco-friendly air-cooling system? Or would you prefer to be in a grass and reed chalet with a natural cross breeze floating through? Or perhaps you’d like to ‘return to the wild’ and lie under the stars with nothing more than a mosquito net between you and the African night sky? Again, whichever you choose, the hum of the African bush will gently lull you to sleep.

And then, your budget; are you wildly luxurious or looking for remote authenticity? Would you prefer champagne on the banks of a river, or a gin and tonic around a camp fire? Comfort is guaranteed in Zambia whatever your budget.

Finally, how far away do you want to be? Is wifi a necessity, or do you want to be as far from the outside world as possible? Some camps have wifi; others are so wonderfully remote that there will be no use for that phone or blackberry!

Whether you are wanting to capture that wildlife experience on camera, celebrate a special occasion with family, relax and unwind, or spend your days tracking animals both small and large through oneof our national parks, Zambia offers the opportunity for you to make incredible memories which will last a lifetime.

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