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Aviation safety system flies high

Posted on 31 July 2013

Halsted's Aviation Corporation, HAC, shares with its customers its commitment to safety. Read about its new and improved Electronic Safety Management System, (eSMS-S)

At HAC, it is our mission to offer clients an alternative to the normal air travel routine. We provide an easy, convenient way to get our clients where they need to be going, without the hassle of crowded check-in counters and lengthy flight delays. We specialise in making the client’s journey as smooth and effortless as possible, getting you from A to B in style and comfort. We pride ourselves on being a Proudly African Air Charter Service. Specialising in the Beechcraft Range of aircraft, we manage a portfolio that includes private and corporate charters, aircraft management, cargo transportation and medical evacuations.

With the high profile nature of the work that we do, we are all about Safety Management and Quality Assurance! That is why we have implemented a new and improved Electronic Safety Management System, otherwise known as eSMS-S. This system has been designed to make SMS more streamlined for operators and we can most certainly agree. As can our auditors who commented on this in a recent audit.

eSMS-S is a web based SMS tool which is secure and fulfils the ICAO and CAA requirements. The benefits of this upgrade is that there is a red tag system, a safety newsflash system, as well as a general messaging system and an email alerting service. The system contains generic SMS information and both passive and active tools where we are able to store all master documentation in a centralized and easily accessible location, file an occupational Health and Safety report when necessary, create agendas for our respective safety meetings and then even write and share the minutes during the meeting.

We can also create an internal audit and input findings and recommendations, plan emergency response exercises, carry out simple to multiple risk assessments and safety cases as well as manage the major changes in the company and all training currencies. The system can produce flight operations safety statistics as well as company organisational safety culture statistics wherever requested. Because the system is web based, we can access it as well as all of our data and documentation from anywhere in the world.

We are so pleased with the implementation of this new electronic Safety Management System, your safety is our biggest concern and we will do whatever necessary to ensure that.

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