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Freedom Won small vehicle conversion

Posted on 18 May 2015

In February 2015 the first electric Fiat 500 in Africa rolled off the FreedomWON workshop floor to much interest and excitement – for this is FreedomWON’s new small car premium electric conversion design.  Premium means the top end of our single charge range and power offering – this extra special Fiat 500, which has been named Freedom7, is capable of reaching an electronically limited speed of 160km/hr and a single charge range of 200km!

This particular dream actually started decades ago in the mind of one Anthony Keen,  a Cape Town medical specialist. He has since he can recall, always dreamed of driving his own electric car. He patiently waited for a suitable opportunity, but one never came. That is off course until he found out about FreedomWON. Now retired, at the age of 77, his dream is real. He delivered his standard 2010 model Fiat 500 to FreedomWON’s workshop near Krugersdorp late 2014 and the electric mobility solutions company set to work on their magic.

The little car is fitted with a 23kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack, which has been ingeniously distributed around the car to ensure even weight distribution. A minor encroachment of the boot space is the only external evidence of what lies beneath.

The legacy fossil fuel burning engine has been replaced with an advanced high efficiency alternating current permanent magnet motor. The gearbox now provides two gears, high and low. Low is not required unless the driver is a street racer, or lives on the extreme slopes of Table Mountain perhaps. High gear accelerates the Fiat EV quite fast enough!

The Freedom7 conversion cost Anthony R250 000 including VAT. He paid R110 000 for the original Fiat. So with an investment of R360 000 Anthony will drive away in perhaps the most capable small EV in Africa. The R250 000 conversion investment would typically be recouped in less than five years. Anthony’s energy costs will be naught, as he will be charging Freedom7 from his home PV system! Of course, besides the zero energy costs there is also zero drive train maintenance on FreedomWON EV’s.

Freedom7  was delivered to Anthony by road under its own power.  The two co-founders of FreedomWON, Lizette Kriel and Antony English demonstrated  what  drivers  will be seeing a lot more of in the coming years – long distance trips in electric vehicles (EV’s) . Did you know, Japan now has more EV charging stations than petrol stations?

FreedomWON also offers entry level “small” car conversions starting at R130 000 excluding VAT right through to large 4x4 conversions primarily for game lodge use at a cost from R360 000 excluding VAT. The company designs and installs electric drive systems for boats and various other electric mobility solutions. They also distribute Lithium Iron Phosphate cells throughout Southern Africa for use in stationary power applications, where they offer far superior life cycle value than lead acid batteries.

For further information on what this innovative company offers and for contact details refer to their website    

Plug into the future… with FreedomWON!

FreedomWON Media Contact:    Lizette Kriel, Co-owner (Strategy, Bus Dev, Brand)
(Krugersdorp, South Africa)        +27 (0)82 256 7430 /

Freedom7 (Fiat 500) Owner:       
Dr G Anthony Keen (BSc MB ChB M Med (Path))
(Cape Town, South Africa)