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Freedom Won's savings in Chobe

Posted on 18 May 2015

Freedom Won shares  the success story of Chobe’s FIRST electric game viewing vehicle. The savings are impressive.

The economics of Freedom3 and 4, Chobe’s first electric game viewing vehicle and river boat. Facts and figures from John Bruwer, Chobe Game Lodge, GM.

“We currently pay P 9.13 and P 9.28 per litre, for petrol & diesel, Chobe Game Lodge gets electricity for 0.45 thebe per KWh

Freedom4 (electric boat) has done 111.1 hours  and used 305 KWh = P 50.00. Our petrol powered skimmers @ 2.15 litre, per hour, i.e. 51.67 litre would have used P 471.75 over the same amount of hours.
Freedom3 (electric vehicle) has done 4358.3 km and used 1593 KWh = P 716.85

Our diesel powered game viewers @ 5.6km per litre i.e. 778.27 litre would have used P7222.35 over the same distance!    

In the first few months of collecting the above data the Co2 Emissions Conversion Factors are as follows: Petrol  multiply by 2.32 & Diesel by 2.63, so in this short time we have saved 2167 kg Co2”
Botswana - Chobe Game Lodge, GM