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The Hide Safari Camp, “Beauty without Borders”

Posted on 11 May 2015

Over the past few months, The Hide has had amazing sightings that reminded us that we are, “beauty without borders”.
One morning guests were fortunate enough to see a very rare species- pangolin. There was much excitement throughout the camp as both guests and staff came out to see the highly elusive and almost extinct species.
On another afternoon, a fascinating cheetah scene played out on our doorstep. The cheetahs chased an impala right across the open vlei in front of The Hide. The entire scene was captured on film by one of our guests.
More recently a pack of wild dogs were deprived of their kill by a sneaky lioness. The pack had successfully chased down and captured a waterbuck. The pack had finally settled down to devour their prize, when the proud lioness walked right into the middle of the feeding frenzy and snatched their lunch.  This scene played out directly in front of our new underground” hide, much to the pleasure of our guests.


The Hide and Hwange National Park continue to enjoy abundant wildlife and the bush keeps supplying us with unforgettable wildlife moments. Coupled with our continuous improvements and renovations of the camp, The Hide remains one of the premium destinations in Hwange National Park and Zimbabwe.