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Kariba Animal Welfare Trust Update - April 2014

Posted on 12 May 2014


REMEMBER: When Driving or walking, Animals always have the right of way

KEEP KARIBA CLEAN Keep litter to yourself, in your vehicle or boat and empty only at designated points.

For any donations, help offer, more info, or information on injured animals please contact kawf2011@gmail.com

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A lone female Waterbuck that has apparently been hanging around Baobab/Nyamhunga side for a couple of months.

She was chased by one of the Domestic Hunting Dogs. Being on her own – very strange – she has obviously become very streetwise having survived in this area for the time she has been here.

Approx 15 years ago, there were herds of 10 to 20 Waterbuck on the Powerline between Baobab and Breezes almost daily. They have not been seen this side for that long

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals – Mahatma Ghandi


All the Elephant herds seem to come together every now and then and those that happen to be in the area are rewarded with an amazing sight of 50 to 100 elephants with their off spring.

This can also be a very dangerous sight to come across and caution and alertness is top priority as the Cows like all Mothers and Grandmothers are extremely protective of their young. We are now seeing a lot of the 1 small Cow herd as they split and join together and this little herd, however small can be equally dangerous.

It is important to note that when they have their little ones they tend to stay in bushy areas to keep the little ones safe, so a lot of the time they are around but are not seen !! They do not venture into unfenced gardens as there is too much open space, humans and dogs so they will only venture on the perimeter where there is bush.

Some residents are unaware of this and set off loud fireworks that sound like shot guns going off and it is a sad sight to see these Mothers scurrying off with their little ones as well as a dangerous situation if some unsuspecting person is walking down the road.

We have done 1 sign and will be doing a few more that we can string up quickly every time we are alerted that they are in the area.

This will help alert all pedestrians and drivers.

The sign managed to stay up for just over 2 weeks before the rope was stolen over the Easter Weekend !!!

So take note when you see any of the below signs or similar and pass on the info to any Pedestrians or Drivers you know that use the roads in the areas the signs are


Thank you AGAIN for the below donations that are always needed, very much appreciated and always put to very good use

DRY GOODS DONATIONS –as per our update February 2014

TM SUPERMARKET – Monthly Voucher donations

KENSINGTON BUTCHERY – Box of various dry goods

CRISPY FRESH - various goods



STARS - Kapenta


THE FERREIRAS - various dry goods

DRY GOODS DONATIONS – Required - on going
· Dried Kapenta
· Rice
· Meal
· Pkts of dried beans
· Pkts of instant soup or Relish mixes
· Sugar
· Tins of Tomatoes or Tomatoes and Onions
· Tins of Bully Beef, pilchards
· Powdered milk
· Tea


FUEL – Marineland are donating a monthly quota along with some of their boat owners who have kindly agreed to donate a $ or 2 every month. Whilst 1 dollar does not sound much, we all know that 10 x 1$ adds up to $10.00 and that every Dollar HELPS and we are very much appreciative of this


Various items were stolen out the boat early hours of a morning.

STRUIK MARINE supplied and fitted a fuel line, fuel tank and a battery was donated by KAWFT


1st April. 1 old snare - From Nyanyana Camp east then north. Patrol found a single fresh human spoor wearing slops and followed for 4 Kms’s. Spoor lost on stony ground near Powerline rd. They then carried on going North. One old buff snare recovered, still set up. No wild life seen during patrol.

2nd April. 1 snare - From Cerruti Lodge going west to around the bay near Nzou Lodges. One wire recovered. Plenty sign of Impala, Waterbuck and Zebra seen. Big boy (Charara Icon Elephant) not seen. Locals, on being asked say he has been very quite. Human traffic west of Nzou is minimal at the moment.

3rd April. 2 fresh heavy snares - Patrol from the rifle range in a big circle and end up at drop off point. 2 freshly laid (heavy) snares were recovered in the same are where we recovered some a few days ago.

16 odd Buffalo seen. They may be the same group that are often seen near Baobab Ridge. A small ele cow herd with calves also seen. Kudu, Impala, Zebra and warthog spoor seen as well.

Patrol Team handed over boat spares to coxswain at Nyanyana, thanks to Stryke Marine for fuel tank and new hose assembly.

4th April. 16 snares - Patrol Antelope Island starting of from the Zebra gap, eastern side. A lot of time was lost speaking to various Kapenta boats parked on the shores.

A kapenta boat with 5 crew members was seen breaking dead trees that are now out the water and loading wood on to their vessel. Photographs were taken of these people.

Kapenta boats were also parked in the Western gap shoreline not far from a large sign prohibiting this sort of behavior.

Numerous Impala, Kudu and 16 Buffalo seen. Buffalo in very good condition thanks to donors giving hay and concentrates on the last feeding program during the dry months

A total of 16 snare were found. (3 cable and the rest fencing wire.)

7th April. 8 snares - Patrol from Information Centre (First and Last Restaurant) in an easterly direction then south. Impala seen. A cluster of 7 fresh snares were found as well as an older one further on. Another charcoal / Mopani Tree burning area also found .

8th April. Zero snares - From Nyanyana Camp going north between Nyanyana River and main Nyanyana rd. No snares recovered and no game movement seen.

9th April.13 snares- Patrol the area between the Banana Farm rd and the Ruia River going north to Y-Juction (NAU/Banana Farm rd.) Fresh Lioness spoor seen on the Ruia river. She had three very small cubs.

Two dagga boys seen as well as a decent numer of Impala. A total of 13 snares were found of which one was an old buff snare. The rest (fresh) were made from single strand fencing wire suggesting the poachers were targeting smaller game as the main Buffalo herds have not yet retuned to the area.

10th April. Zero snares - Patrol dropped of on the shoreline south of Nyanyana Camp due to mechanical problem with vehicle They went east then north. No snares recovered. Impala, Waterbuck, Warthog and Zebra seen. 4 Eland seen returning from lake Shore. The Zebra carcass found recently now completely devoured but all carnivore spoor washed out.

11th April. No Patrol. Jimmy Munyapa accompanied two Rangers and Municipal Police to access and deal with the feral dog problem which has become a very big problem. This continued for 3 days, until 12 pm on the 13th April. KAWFT provided assistance with transport and food during this period. LLA provided sleeping accommodation for the Rangers. A big thank you to LOMAGUNDI LAKESIDE - Mike Vickery for this. A further 2 to 4 day joint effort patrol will be done again and will continue to be done every few weeks, until all the feral dogs are dealt with and the Wildlife can breathe a sigh of relief as they move freely again without running for their lives.

African proverb - If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent the night with a mosquito.

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