Victoria Falls

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The Ndau Collection jewellery for conservation in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Posted on 11 May 2015

The Ndau Collection's Conservation Range is inspired by Zimbabwean culture, in particular totems in Shona and Ndebele cultures. A totem is an animal or natural figure that spiritually represents a group of related people. Traditionally it is illegal to kill or hurt your particular totem. Totemic animals are viewed as family and believed to share blood with your ancestors. They connected people with a rich oral tradition and aided conservation as a totem animal's survival was seen as intrinsic to your family's survival.

People are said to take on the characteristics of their totem; a proud and strong person may have the totem of a lion for instance. Jo Mutoko, head silversmith at The Ndau Collection recounts that traditionally, the mothers would teach their children about totemic beliefs and if a son were to kill an animal he must first bring the bounty to his mother to give thanks to their totem animal.
This history of reverence for wildlife inspired us to create a line that pays tribute to our beautiful fauna and helps to conserve them for future generations of Zimbabweans. We developed the Conservation Range of which 20% of our profits will go to local the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU).



The Conservation range consists of five emblems representing different totems; 'Nhoro' the Kudu, 'Chipenbere' the Rhino, 'Shumba' the Lion, 'Nzou' the Elephant and 'Hambakabvuka' the Pangolin. The elegant spiral of the kudu's horns, hefty thrust of the rhino's horns and elephant's tusks, curve of lion claw and pattern of a pangolins scale lend themselves to a range that is classically beautiful.