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News from Robin Pope Safaris

Posted on 31 July 2013

Latest safari news from Robin Pope Safaris, South Luangwa

We have had some exceptional game sightings recently at Robin Pope Safaris in Luangwa and beyond.

Fred one of the guides at Nkwali came across a caracal – a very rare cat down in South Luangwa, hardly ever seen!

It seems to be all about the leopards at the moment with many sightings this month including:


Leopard and kill
Leopard and kill (Image credit: Simon Cousins for Robin Pope Safaris)


A leopard guarding its fresh kill up on top of a sausage tree while a pesky hyena waited below, for any opportunity that could arise out of it...


Hyeana (Image credit: Simon Cousins for Robin Pope Safaris)


And a female leopard and her very playful cub were also spotted near Nsefu while guests were on a game drive, providing some great entertainment as well as some great shots.


Leopard and cub
Leopard and cub (Image credit: Simon Cousins for Robin Pope Safaris)


Cats aside, birding has been equally exceptional in South Luangwa with a Pels Fishing Owl making an appearance at Nsefu! This is a real treat for even a non-birder as it is a pretty impressive bird! Also seen recently at Nsefu was a Scops Owl.


Scops Owl (Image credit: Simon Cousins for Robin Pope Safaris)


Guests at Tena Tena watched in ‘awe’ as a Martial Eagle swooped down and killed a guinea fowl all in the blink of an eye.


Marshal Eagle
Martial Eagle (Image credit: Paul Waldron for Robin Pope Safaris)


Over at Mkulumadzi Lodge, Malawi, we are delighted to annouce that Shire the lone lioness at Majete Wildlife Reserve has given birth to at least one cub! Last August, the final phase of the parks rehabilitation was complete – three lions were brought to Majete, making it the only official Big 5 game park in Malawi. The birth of the cub is a great step in conserving the lion population at Majete and makes the work Robin Pope Safaris put in to re-introducing the lions to Majete well worth it. Watch this inspiring short film detailing the lion translocation that Robin Pope Safaris was a part of.

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