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Vayeni encouraging conscientious travel

Posted on 11 May 2015

Helping Us Help You
Are you a Sustainable Traveller? Vayeni offers some tips to travellers who want to make a difference.


Conscientious Travel – get advice from Vayeni.  You can make a difference and have an amazing holiday at the same time. Here are some tips on giving while you travel, multiplying your appreciation of what each destination has to offer:
    •    http://packforapurpose.org/destinations/africa/zimbabwe  Packing for a purpose gives you a chance to donate before you even travel, given you have adequate luggage space
    •    Keep aware of your carbon footprint, enquire with your airline or agent on their policies and measures
    •    Are your destinations employing/sourcing locally? This greatly enables your destination to provide for the people around it and keeps it going for your next visit
    •    Most lodges/camps in National Parks support a local wildlife conservation unit. Keep yourself aware of the progress and donate if you can, even just by visiting.