Victoria Falls

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Victoria Falls Vulture Culture Experience enhanced

Posted on 6 August 2015

Africa Albida Tourism’s popular Vulture Culture Experience, a project that strives to protect these remarkable, but endangered birds, is being upgraded, with the new and improved activity beginning this month.
The revamped Vulture Culture Experience, which is entertaining, educational, free and appeals to all age groups, will begin with a briefing on a newly built wooden deck, beneath Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, about the ecological importance of vultures and the plight they are facing.
Vulture populations are dwindling due to a variety of human created issues, including electrocution by power lines, loss of available and safe food supply, direct and indirect poisoning and the use of their parts for traditional medicines.
Visitors will then walk down a bush path to a new hide, from where they will witness the spectacular sight of hundreds of vultures swooping down to be fed on leftover meat scraps and bones from the on-site restaurants, in a supplementary feeding program, that aids in the survival of the species.
The experience, which occurs at 1pm daily, offers the opportunity to spot white headed vultures, hooded vultures, lappet faced vultures, white backed vultures, as well as marabou storks and tawny eagles, and others.