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Yellow Fever Innoculation – Exemption List

Posted on 7 September 2012

The pamphlet enclosed with yellow fever vaccination serum, states the following conditions  are exempt  from having  a Yellow Fever Vaccination . Your Doctor will provide you with a letter of excemption.

  • Babies under 9 months
  • Persons aged 60 and older
  • Neurotropic disease (Yel And)
  • Diseases of the Thyroid
  • Allergic Conditions  including  allergies to eggs or chicken proteins.
  • Fructose Intolerance  
  • Bleeding Disorders or those on anticoagulants
  • Auto-ammune Diseases                               
  • Cancers                                                     
  • Cortisone or Chemotherapy
  • Pregnancy and Lactating mothers
  • HIV

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